Though Santonio Holmes stole the show during yesterday's Jets game with a 37-yard touchdown pass with just 24 seconds left in OT, the main story was the "Ryan Bowl" between Jets coach Rex Ryan and his twin brother, Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. (AKA Rex Ryan dressed as The Dude.) Earlier in the week, Ryan even donned a Rob Ryan costume at a press conference, and Rob responded by accusing his brother of wearing a waist-cinching belt. But all the jokes dropped when the game was on. Rex told ESPN, "Like I told our guys, 'At 1 o'clock, they're nameless, faceless objects, and that's what you have to treat it as. Whether it's your twin brother, your friend or whomever, you've got a job to do.'"

He admitted the game was personal, but said, "It wasn't just personal for me, it was personal for a lot of guys." We're guessing he's talking about ex-Brown Braylon Edwards, who was traded to the Jets after allegedly getting into a fight with then-hometown hero LeBron James and his friend. Or maybe he was talking about Holmes, who apparently felt a tinge of guilt about his winning TD, and asked Rex Ryan if he could apologize to his brother. Rex said, “He wanted to apologize to my brother. I said, ’Hey, forget all that. Don’t worry about that, buddy, he forgives you.’”

Despite the win, Rex Ryan gave credit where credit is due. He said of the Browns, "I don't know who else they have to beat to show they're legitimate, but that team right there is a tough team. They're awfully good. They're smart and they get after it."