Lt. Colonel Vincent Nyakarundi, the first ever Rwandan Military Attache to the UN, showed a thief that just because Nyakarundi was sitting in a Mercedes Benz doesn't mean he can be messed with. Nyakarundi was sitting in the back seat of his car on 2nd Avenue and 45th Street on Friday while his driver was getting coffee, when a man holding a gun under a cloth demanded his belongings. Nyakarundi told the Post, "At the beginning, I thought he was joking. And when he started counting, I knew it was serious. That's when he took all my belongings."

The robber grabbed Nyakarundi's laptop, two phones and about $1,000 before fleeing down the street. But Nyakarundi wouldn't let his stuff get away that easily, and jumped out of the car and pursuing the thief on foot once he was far away enough to prevent being shot. Nyakarundi said, "He was scared because I was aggressively following him. And people started gathering. I was not very scared." The robber dropped the property but got away and Nyakarundi reported the incident to police, who are still looking for the suspect.