Now that Sheryl Weinstein, former CFO of Jewish organization Hadassah, has gone and written a book about her supposed affair with Ponzi schemer/current jailbird Bernard Madoff, the NY Times asked Ruth Madoff's lawyer for comment. Peter Chavkin obliged and said his client, who has been married to Madoff for decades, knew nothing of the "alleged affair," and noted "[the allegation] stands as a powerful reminder, to those who say Ruth must have known of her husband’s criminal scheme, that there are some things that some spouses — however close they are — do not share with each other." The Times also wonders about the ethics issues, given Weinstein's role as CFO for Hadassah—investing its money with Madoff—her supposed relationship with him and her decision to invest all her family's money with Madoff. Weinstein said at a court hearing earlier this year, "Four years ago we refinanced our mortgage and gave the excess cash to Bernie Madoff"—so they are now homeless—and emphasized she was testifying because she "felt it was important for somebody who was personally acquainted with Madoff to speak. My family and I are not anonymous people to him. He knows my husband’s name is Rob and my son’s name is Eric."