Ruth Madoff, wife of Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff, gets a NY Time Styles section once-over. Banned from her hair salon and by her Hamptons florist, she may be the "most vilified spouse of a financial rogue in history... Although no evidence has emerged to date that she conspired or even knew about her husband’s crimes...She has been pilloried and turned into a pariah." U. Chicago cultural anthropologist Prof. Richard Shweder says, "She’s perceived as the succubus to Bernie’s incubus." Maybe because she withdrew $15 million before her husband's arrest? Then there are the rumors she knew about the scheme...since apparently no secrets were kept between her and Bernie. Still, Ivan Boesky's ex-wife Seema says, "My immediate reaction was utter sympathy for this woman. I wanted to write her a letter, reach out to her, take her out to lunch. But my lawyer said, 'No.'" Ruth Madoff's own lawyer declined to comment and said no comment would be coming from the 68-year-old Queens native, who visits her husband in the clink every few weeks. But Bernie's lawyer said Ruth is sympathetic to her husband's victims, adding, "There is no question there’s an image problem."