As Ponzi-schemer Bernie Madoff anxiously awaits his Monday sentencing, his wife Ruth has really been making an effort to counter the impression that she's still living large off her husband's victims. Just look at her here, riding one of those underground locomotives, wearing her working class dungarees, and contemplating a sweet 99-cent cellphone offer! But just don't expect her to be happy about her humiliating new commute in steerage—when the Post photographer tried to help publicize her modest lifestyle, she asked, "Are you having fun embarrassing me—and ruining my life?" You see, if only the tabloids had just minded their own business, she never would have lost her Florida mansion, the chateau on the French Riviera, and the yachts. But the Post's article is just, uh, ruthless in its demagoguery, even gleefully pointing out that besides her déclassé "oversized jacket and unfashionable flats," Ruth "was also having another bad-hair day. Since her upscale hairstylist, Pierre Michel, banned her from his salon, it's been streaked with gray instead of highlights." Ouch. Ruth, who's also been spotted buying the Post at newsstands, might want the Daily News today instead. (Or not!)