ABC News caught up Ruth Madoff, wife of multi-billion Ponzi-scheming investment guru Bernard Madoff, while she leaving the Metropolitan Correctional Center, where her husband is being held. When asked "if she had anything to say to the victims of her husband's scam or whether she played a role in it," she simply said, "I have no response to you." Apparently Ruth Madoff has been telling people that she's lonely and feels shunned ever since the scandal erupted, but a lawyer representing victims of the scam said, "Why would you have sympathy for his wife in any of these circumstances? She was one of the largest beneficiaries of the fraud. She enjoyed a very rich lifestyle that practically everyone would love to emulate and it was paid for by someone else." ABC News also likes to mention how Madoff was very generous with his employees—"Madoff sent $2.2 million so that one staffer, now under criminal investigation, could buy a New Jersey beach house. Frank DiPascali, Madoff's right hand man, was paid nearly $3 million a year. DiPascali's boat captain was also on the Madoff payroll."