The two Rutgers students charged with multiple counts of invasion of privacy after allegedly watching webcam footage of classmate Tyler Clementi engaged in a sexual encounter with another man have quit the university. An attorney for Molly Wei, whose dorm room was allegedly where Clementi's roommate Dharun Ravi viewed (and Tweeted about) the encounter, says his client dropped out because she fears for her safety.

18,000 people have joined an online group demanding manslaughter charges against the two, and some online commenters have called for them to "return to their countries." On Wednesday night there was a protest decrying the "rush to judgment" against the two, led by the group Queering the Air. "We are against the crucifixion of two individuals for the sins of the larger society,'' said Robert O'Brien, an anthropology instructor and one of the leaders of Queering the Air. "Two students are being scapegoated for the failure of the university and the wider community to provide a safe environment for Rutgers’ diverse community."

Steven Goldstein, the director of Garden State Equality, the state's largest advocacy gay rights group, wants hate crime charges filed against Wei and Ravi. He dismissed Queering the Air a "radical fringe group," and tells the Daily Record, "They stand with (Ravi and Wei). We stand with Tyler Clementi." Ravi's attorney says, "They were given the option of withdrawing and they can reapply. Realistically, they couldn't go back no matter what. [Ravi] definitely plans to go somewhere else.'' A close friend of Wei's tells, "Stuff like this goes on your record and then the whole world knows about it. She’s not worried. Once the truth comes out everything will be cleared up."