A federal judge has issued a $6.8 million judgment against a Russian immigrant suspected of murdering two lonely NY women for their insurance money. In both cases he may have killed them using an undetectable fatal drug, a technique he described in a self-published work of fiction.

It's believed that the alleged killer, Eugene Perchikov, is now living in Israel with his wife after collecting on the $1 million insurance policy of one of his victims. Laryssa Vasserman, a lonely divorcee who Perchikov met through the personal ads, was found dead in 2002. Her cause of death couldn't be determined, but the plot thickened when a lawyer for Vasserman's estate read through a collection of Perchikov's short fiction: one story described a murderer who injects his victim with norepinephrine, a drug which won't show up in tissue tests.

The amateur writer never responded to a lawsuit in Brooklyn Federal Court, so the judge slapped him with a default judgment, reported the NY Daily News. "It doesn't put him in jail, but there's more that should come, I hope," said lawyer Jacques Debrot, who represents Vasserman's estate. Perchikov is also accused of killing 54-year-old Manhattan bookkeeper Tatiana Korkhova, using the same method. In both cases, Perchikov convinced the women to take out large life insurance policies that named him as beneficiary.