Beatific hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, a driving force behind the nonprofit arm of the Black Lives Matter movement, broke last week from his usual day-to-day of tweeting about meditation and meeting with politicians and celebrities, and vented about what he sees as Mayor de Blasio's betrayal of police reform. On Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning show last Thursday, he said de Blasio is "a punk" and "a bitch" for failing to stand up to Gov. Cuomo and police Commissioner Bill Bratton. This morning, de Blasio appeared on the show and said Simmons has apologized.

"Russell has apologized and I certainly appreciate and accept that apology," he said, according to the Observer.

Simmons said on Twitter that de Blasio gets where he's coming from.

Simmons's rare outburst focused on what he described as de Blasio's failure to hold Cuomo's feet to the fire on a promise to appoint special prosecutors to handle cases of alleged police misconduct, and for not responding when hundreds of police officers turned their backs to him at police funerals this winter.

"He should have told them, 'turn around or go home,'" Simmons said last week. "He got the police commissioner pushing him around like he's a bitch. And it's shocking to me that he's not stood up for the people of New York."

On the show this morning, de Blasio touted his achievements on police reform, including, as the Observer summarized: "touting reductions in the number of men stopped and frisked, retraining aimed at de-escalating conflicts, the roll-out of body cameras and his policy of issuing summonses instead of making arrests for marijuana possession."

"These are big changes in how we go about policing in this city, and I'm very proud of that this stuff is moving quickly and it's moving intensely," he said.

As for the special prosecutor issue, de Blasio said he isn't concentrating on it, and that it is more of Cuomo's purview, anyway.

"I would say the first thing is that we are focused on is changing the reality at the beginning—meaning I don't wanna get to the point where there's been a tragedy and we're talking about a special prosecutor," he said.

De Blasio is a regular guest on Hot 97 and divisive host Peter Rosenberg was quick to point out that he, former program director Ebro Darden, and Laura Stylez weren't on board with Simmons's rant when it was happening:

"Usually, Ebro, I'm accustomed to being the white guy whose being called a bitch on this show. We definitely gave him a crazy stare, like that's our boy you're talking about."