Apparently being a movie star means you're totally ignorant of news reports that clearly state hoverboards can explode, prompting their removal from Amazon and major airlines. Reliably surly actor Russell Crowe tried to Twitter shame Virgin Australia for not allowing his sons to bring their hoverboards on a plane—and it backfired spectacularly, much like a flaming self-balancing scooter.

Crowe entertained everyone yesterday with his Angry Tweet:

Then he got pissier!

Virgin Australia had responded to him. Twice:

Some Twitter users tried to point out that it's a safety thing:

Anyway, Crowe tried to dial it back, explaining he's just like the rest of us:

In a perfect world, Crowe will take his family to NYC, spend thousands on hoverboards for everyone, then run right into the NYPD.

"Stars stars stars": Hoverboard, The Musical!