C train riders were subjected to extensive delays during this morning's commute after a straphanger reportedly pulled out a gun.

A police spokesperson said that an argument broke out just before 9 a.m. between a passenger and a motorman on a train near Ralph Avenue station in Brooklyn. Cops received a 911 call saying shots had been fired on the train. The spokesperson said they've subsequently found no evidence of damage or bullets on the train, but believe a man may have pulled out a gun, causing panic. There have been no injuries or arrests.

Manhattan-bound trains were held at the Clinton-Washington stop for the investigation; some were evacuated, with the platform quickly filling up with unhappy, sweaty commuters. Service resumed on the line as of 11:15 a.m.

"I left my apartment two hours ago," said straphanger Fraylie Nord, who took the photo up above. "People were pretty unhappy on the platform at Clinton-Washington because there was zero station communication. After about a half hour, folks started leaving the station, as did I."

It ultimately took her over two hours and fifteen minutes to get to work (it normally takes her 35 minutes). "Cuomo needs to get his shit together," she added. Just gonna leave this here"