Rush Limbaugh is making good on his promise to "get out of New York totally," and has finalized the $11.75 million sale of his Upper East Side apartment to "international purchasers." And Limbaugh was apparently so eager to relocate to Florida that he left the apartment furnished and decorated. Luckily, the buyers were reportedly "especially attracted to the richly designed space." Now they have the luxury of waking up every morning and looking at cherubs holding flowered garlands right above their heads!

Limbaugh originally listed the 4,661-square-foot, four bedroom apartment for nearly $14 million. He bought the property for $5 million in 1994, and nearly sold it for a lower price before accepting a higher bid from the new tenants. And in case you were late to the bidding war, the Corcoran listing has some details you can use to make your own apartment a Limbaugh-esque oasis. They say, "Renowned artist Richard Smith has hand painted many of the mural ceilings and walls. Moldings are hand painted gold leaf. Floors are herringbone mahogany, foyer entry floor is patterned Italian hand-cut marble, and walls are upholstered in silk Damask."