Two Austrians won the Empire State Building Run Up held yesterday: Rudolf Reitberger finished in 10 minutes, 37 seconds to place first in the men's division and Andrea Mayr set the women's record in 12:08. The Empire State Building has 1,576 steps in its 86 floors.
With 117 people competing, it was 92 year old Italian lounge pianist, Chico Scimone, who stole Gothamist's heart: Scimone told Newsday, "Having a woman is also good training." And for the record, Scimone, who lives in Sicily, has a 32 year old girlfriend. Damn! He finished in just over 43 minutes. Scimone added, "A lot of people ask me, do you see a doctor? I have one checkup a year: If I get to the top of the Empire State Building, I'm OK."