Breaking into apartments. Spying on tenants. Illegal construction. Putting an MRI clinic in the courtyard. Turning off the heat and hot water. These are a couple of the tactics that real estate management Sky Management allegedly used to drive tenants crazy. Why? To raise the rents after they move out, of course. An "Iranian Jewish rug-merchant family called the Shaloms" own 90 buildings in Manhattan where the tenants (including Malachy McCourt) are harrassed, and their offices were raided by the DA's office. State Senator Liz Krueger told the Post, ""Apparently, the police and DA's Office went in and removed files. Based on my knowledge of the TV show 'Law & Order,' they apparently got a search warrant signed by a judge." Excellent - our lawmakers are turning to TV for their lawful know-how.

This is but one of many instances of crazy landlord disputes (the landlord that claimed the unlicensed electrician didn't cause a fireball, the landlord who kicked an 87 year-old tenant out). Ask Gothamist on bad landlords and back rent, plus FAQ For Tenants, including questions like, "What should I do if my building owner is harrassing me?", NYC Rent Guidelines Boards, and, another good resource for NYC tenant law.