Rudy Giuliani; Photo: Sports Illustrated

Former governor Mario Cuomo says that Rudy Giuliani will be played like a violin at the Republican National Convention this summer. As in, why not pimp the most beloved Republican in NYC during the convention? The Post reports Cuomo as saying, "They'll probably play Rudy heavier than any other part of the convention...So Rudy will go up and people will start talking about him replacing [Vice President Dick] Cheney or him running for president...It'll be very, very good for Rudy." It was announced that Giuliani, Mayor Bloomberg, and Governor Pataki will be playing major roles during the convention. Well, of course: Mayor B keeps saying how great the revenue from the convention will be, Pataki is definitely eyeing a national political seat somewhere, and Giuliani likes to hear himself talk (yes, Gothamist knows and agrees he was a great leader during September 11, but let's face it - he's pushy, pissy, full of bravado and obstinate - a true New Yorker).

Time magazine's Person of the Year issue with Giuliani. And read Cuomo's keynote address to the 1984 Democratic National Convention.