More details about the 16-year-old who was allegedly prostituted by a pimp to former Giants great Lawrence Taylor. The girl's sister told the Daily News that the pimp, Rasheed Davis, forced her to say she was 19, "She said she had no choice but to go along with it. She doesn't blame Mr. Taylor because he had no idea (she was a minor)."

According to the criminal complaint against Davis, Client 1—allegedly Taylor—paid the girl $300. Taylor allegedly told cops that he traveled from Newark Airport to the Holiday Inn in Suffern, NY where he met the girl. The complains also says Davis "set rates for her 'commercial sex acts with various individuals,' and that "oral sex generally cost $80, [and] sexual intercourse generally cost $150.'"

The girl's sister also told the News that a third individual—known to Taylor and Davis—"relayed the message that Mr. Taylor was willing to pay $300 for a skinny Spanish girl. Since Rasheed knew my sister, he volunteered her for this. He forced her into becoming a prostitute that night." Additionally, Davis is accused of beating her so she would see Taylor, plying her with ecstasy and marijuana before meeting clients and taking nude photographs of her to send to clients or post on online sites.

Taylor's lawyer says his client did not rape or have sex with anyone.