2006_09_airlinefood.jpgLast week, Gothamist happened to lament about a terrible meal during an international airline flight. But we just brought our complaints to the the Internet and our friends. But it seems that airline food can bring out the worst in people, as it did during a flight from Switzerland and JFK. Pierre Delis was arrested after an unseemly confrontation on an American Airline flight: He punched a female flight attendant when she didn't have any chicken meals left during the Sunday flight. (He was also yelling and cursing.) Delis, a clerk for the U.S. Patent Office who lives in Maryland, was restrained by other passengers and a flight attendant and was charged with the federal offense of assaulting a flight attendant.

His criminal hearing was yesterday, and Delis's defense lawyer asked that his jailers feed Delis, since he hadn't eaten since the flight. Delis was later freed on $100,000 bail, and we guess he went and got some food of his liking.