A week and half after forming a presidential exploratory committee in NY State, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani has filed federal papers to start a presidential exploratory committee. A Giuliani adviser told ABC News, "This is something that gets done by candidates looking at potential runs. It's crossing the 't' in exploratory." Too bad exploratory doesn't have an "i" in it either!

Anyway, Republican pollster Frank Luntz tells the Times people shouldn't count moderate Republican Giuliani out, "They don’t know Rudy Giuliani, and they don’t understand the electorate. The public is demanding intelligent leadership and is far more focused on personal attributes of the candidates than on specific policy issues." Eep, wait till his more conservative foes seize on his three marriages, especially the rather public separation of his second to Donna Hanover. And you know they'll spin the fact he was living with gay friends while separated in some crazy way.

Pundits say that he'll need to raise $100 million if he wants to run for president. That'll be a lot of 9/11-related speeches on the circuit.