Rudy Giuliani certainly has cultivated a loyal friend in the man who once kept him from a life of mayoral couch surfing during his second divorce, newlywed Howard Koeppel. Instead of enjoying a quiet day of breakfast in bed with new hubby Mark Hsiao, Koeppel defended Giuliani's no-show at the 10-person affair, expressing disappointment but assuring that they're still friends. He told the Post, "I understand why he's doing what he's doing. If he decides to run for governor...he's a Republican, and he's taking a Republican stand." Koeppel had recently told the paper that he understood Giuliani opposed gay marriage for religious reasons, but added that the former mayor told him that if it ever became legal in New York, "he would marry us himself." Both sides have expressed that their time living together was nothing but pleasant. Maybe Rudy had read the wikiHow on being a good houseguest, which states, "With certain differences between your lifestyle and your hosts', remember, it should be possible to reach a tolerant arrangement for a comfortable stay."