Hoping to get rid of some of the Bernard Kerik stink, Rudy Giuliani was on the Tonight Show last night. We didn't catch the whole segment (Gothamist is a sucker for Chappelle's Show repeats we've seen 41 times already!), but he vaguely said he'd be into running for office again. But, as noted in today's Observer article, Rudy has been making a pretty penny as a civilian, like making $80,000 during a tsunami benefit - when other celebrities donated their time. Gothamist thinks we can expect to see Rudy's combover-less head in the news A LOT, because he will be milking his status as 9/11 elder statesman and he'll be paying some firms to poll the United States to find out his chances as a viable Presidential candiate in 2008, but in the end, Rudy might just stick to being a highly paid speaker and consultant.

The Politicker had published some quotes from the Quotable Rudy, aka the book that conservatives put together to get rid of "The New York Times' favorite Republican." The red states really hate us, don't they? And in the NY Times article about Giuliani joining a Texas law firm's NYC office, the firm managing partner said Giuliani "loves New York and knows a lot about it. Knowledge of New York is what we need."

And the second season DVD of Chappelle's Show will be released at the end of May!

Photo from the Associated Press