Our former cheating mayor had koan for cheating golfer Tiger Woods; "Hang in there." That's what Rudy Giuliani told US Magazine on Tuesday night. Wow, we can just picture a tiger cub on a tree branch.

The gossip magazine notes the former presidential candidate's tabloid past, "In 2000, Giuliani's 16-year marriage to Donna Hanover ended very publicly with allegations of two affairs -- one with a former aide, Christyne Lategano, and a second with drug company executive Judith Nathan, whom he later went on to wed."

Giuliani went on to say, "He's going through a tough period," Giuliani, 65, told Us of Woods, 33. I know him and at an early stage in my son's career, he was very kind and nice to him. So I know what a nice man Tiger really is, particularly with children. He was extraordinarily generous to my son and my son played golf with him... He has a big heart for children. He's a very, very fine man. And people should know the way he treats children. We know he's going to get through it." Related: This is the 19th day that the Post has run a Tiger-related front page... which is as many days the Post had front pages about 9/11, according to With Leather.