Last night, former mayor Rudy Giuliani had his NYC fundraiser at the Sheraton. The theme was baseball, and guests paid $2,300-a-plate to eat Crackerjack, ice cream and hot dogs. (Maybe there were other things; the entire menu was not disclosed.) The Post reports that Giuliani stood before a faux-Yankee Stadium backdrop and said, "I think we make a mistake when we call it the war on terror, because it is their war on us... I have come face to face with America's soul, and I have been sustained by it - I got through Sept. 11 not because of me, but because of other people."

Dennis Miller was the emcee and he had choice words for Democrats: "When you watch morons like Nancy Pelosi and David Obey of Wisconsin discussing our pullout from Iraq, the other day, they make like eight errors in four seconds." Ooh, baseball analogy!

The Daily News said Judith Giuliani's speech was rambling, and luckily, the NY Sun has video of her speech. Apparently she said stuff about how she and Rudy "started our team together" and how being "Judith Giuliani" gets people to do stuff, like volunteer or donate money. She did not mention benching Andrew, though.