2007_05_giuianimoney.jpgThe revelation that Rudy Giuliani made $16 million over 16 months - has created a few ripples. FDNY Deputy Fire Chief Jim Riches told WCBS 2, "[Giuliani's] making all this money on the backs of my dead son and all the other dead victims that day." And the Village Voice's Wayne Barrett, who co-wrote the book Grand Illusion:The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11, said, "He's recycled his 9/11 talk for up to $200,000, you know, (based on) what happened that morning and then he has the six principals of leadership, and the seventh should be milk a tragedy for millions."

And now, according to the Daily News, it turns out that Judith Giuliani is paid about $125,000 her for speechwriting help: "since before they were married." An aide explained, "Mrs. Giuliani made a professional contribution and the mayor recognizes and respects her efforts. He is merely acknowledging both her time commitment and her professional value." No wonder Giuliani "joked" about having her at cabinet meetings. But the speech Judi gave at a fund-raiser wasn't that great. Since she's a nurse, is she going to tackle health care? Giuliani critic and Republican strategist Nelson Warfield told the News, "It just looks odd. Most spouses view supporting their significant others as part of the package, not part of the compensation package. Some people will joke and ask, 'Is it a straight salary or is there a performance bonus?'"

Giuliani makes about $100,000 per hour when he gives speeches - and that doesn't include travel allowances - so that's about one year of Judi's salary. And the Sun has details from a Giuilani-blogger conference call.