2007_03_rudybaby.jpgWith the surprising, though not quite scandalous, news that Judith Giuliani had been married three times (one more time than the widely believed two times), it was a matter of hours before presidential candidate and our former mayor would have to answer questions.

While on the campaign trail in Oakland, California - and taking a break from kissing babies - Rudy Giuliani said he's known about his wife's first husband for a while: "She told me about [her first marriage] right at the very beginning of our relationship. I told her everything I could. And frankly, information like that is really relevant between the two of us." He also said, "Nobody else who is running for president is a perfect person, either."

The Daily News noted that Giuliani wants the focus back on him, saying, "Judith's a wonderful person. She'd make a great first lady. I'm really the person who's got to convince people I should be President." Yeah, but America loves salacious details of famous people's lives!

But some pundits are wondering how much of a liability Judi will be - especially when comparing her revelation about her first marriage to Elizabeth Edwards's announcement she has terminal cancer. Uh, no offense to Madame Giuliani, but shouldn't Elizabeth Edwards feel insulted that a comparison is even being made? And the Giulianis are scheduled to be interviewed by Barbara Walters next week.

Photograph of Giuliani and an unsuspecting baby at the Fat Lady restaurant in Oakland, CA by Dino Vournas/AP