This election has seen former mayor Rudy Giuliani take playing the familiar role of your racist Trump-loving retired neighbor who will never let you forget 9/11 (except for the time he seemingly forgot about it). On Sunday morning, Giuliani opted to add "conspiracy enthusiast" to his pro-Truymp messaging, suggesting that "an entire media empire" is colluding to downplay concerns about Hillary Clinton's health.

"She has an entire media empire that…fails to point out several signs of illness by her. All you got to do is go online," Giuliani told Fox News Sunday host Shannon Bream after being asked what he made of the recent polls that show just poorly Trump is faring. Bream pressed Giuliani on his statements about Clinton's health, noting that Clinton's campaign has repeatedly denied the claims that she is hiding an illness from the public. (Far-right conspiracy theorists love to suggest that Clinton suffers from either Parkinson's Disease or brain damage following a fainting spell she suffered in 2012.)

Giuliani starts to question Clinton's health at rough the 7:00 mark.

“Go online and put down, ‘Hillary Clinton illness,’ and take a look at the videos yourself,” Giuliani said, apparently not aware that Google has been reading his chain emails and now tailors his search results to his personal liking. Clinton's campaign had already released a formal statement rebuffing illness accusations this week, but Giuliani (and uh, Dr. Drew) will not be silenced. This is just the latest example of what has become a pattern of high-profile Trump supporters, and Trump himself, throwing conspiracy theories out there to see what sticks. With Rudy joining in on the fun, we can now look forward to Grandpa Nine Eleven's recurring InfoWars dot com program "Put It Down on Google."