So you've got yourself a troubled nuclear power plant 35 miles from one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world. The Governor of the state and many more want to shut down the plant but you want to renew your licenses. Who ya' gonna call? Why, The Mayor of 9/11 Town himself! Yup, starting next week Entergy, which runs the Indian Point power plant is going to start running ads touting the plant's safety starring one Rudolph W. Giuliani.

This is not the first time Rudy has worked with Entergy—he was a consultant and adviser for several years—but this development takes their relationship to a whole new level. Entergy ads will be running on cable and in newspapers around the city and state.

"Our goal is to reassure people about the safety of Indian Point," Entergy's spokesman told the Times. "With the high regard people have for Mayor Giuliani, I think we can get that message across clearly." And it is true, there are still a lot of people who dig the former host of AMC's "Mob Week." But there are also a lot of people, y'know, still freaked out about the lack of safety at Indian Point considering what happened at Japan's Fukushima reactor.