Hoo boy has it been a week for former mayor of 9/11 Town Rudy Giuliani. Fresh off his shouty, paranoid performance at Day 1 of the RNC, Giuliani capped things off with one more reason for us to say "Rudy Giuliani? Hmm no, we didn't elect him. It was his cousin, Marvin." When asked by Katie Couric about the Trump campaign getting close with previously hated GOP foe Vladimir Putin, Giuliani suggested it was nbd. Sounding for all the world like a man who's been screaming for a week straight, Giuliani contrasted Putin with "insane murderer" Ayatollah Ali Khamenei:

"I think what he's trying to say, Vladimir Putin is someone you can negotiate with...Putin to me is a murderer but he's not an insane murderer...Putin is your typical autocrat...I have no doubt he's ordered murders throughout the world but he's also someone you can negotiate with because he's not insane."

So, committing murders in an attempt to hold power indefinitely over your petrodictatorship? Understandable. Doing all that but doing it under a different religious banner? Insane.

What will next week bring for America's mayor? An impassioned defense of shooting Harambe? Hitler had some good ideas outside of the whole genocide thing? A declaration that Domino's is as good as any New York City pizza? Stay tuned.