Everyone keeps waiting for former mayor Rudy Giuliani to announce that he's running for president, but he keeps putting it off. At the California Republican party's state GOP convention, some suspected Giuliani would announce his candidacy but ended up saying everything but! He said, "Presidents have to make decisions and move the country forward. That's the kind of President I would like to be." Oh, and the last lines of his speech: "We need leadership that uplifts us and moves us toward the future. You get to decide who that leader is going to be. I wish you'd decide on me."

The NY Times reports the California response was "enthusiastic" especially compared to other parts of the country: More people showed up for Giuliani than for Governor Schwarzenegger's speech! Then again, they get to hear him all the time and probably hate Arnold's moderate stances. So, another week has passed without Rudy declaring - we hope he announces something by the end of the month, because the mudslinging should get really good then.

Senator Hillary Clinton was in New Hampshire yesterday, and the crowded asked her about her attitude towards Iraq; Newsday noted one person felt very strongly about Clinton's stance: "I can't listen to her until I hear her say it was a mistake... You know what, there were a lot of the people in the Senate [23 members] at the time who didn't vote for it." And Senator Barack Obama officially announced he's running for President yesterday: "I'm in this race, not just to hold an office, but to gather with you to transform a nation."

Photograph of Giuliani and fans in Sacramento by Rich Pedroncelli/AP