Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani happened to be in London for a conference yesterday, near the Liverpool Street station where one of the bombs exploded. As Rudy Giuliani has earned a soft spot our heart (bless the love-hate relationships) and though the chances of him being in a major world city for business is very high, it was just surreal to hear he was there. And for news programs looking for Americans in London to give their perspectives, Giuliani was the big get: This morning, he made the rounds on the morning talk shows, as well as on ABC's Primetime Live last night, saying that he was impressed with the response of London's emergency services. Giuliani also said that London was expecting this, given its history with World War II and the IRA bombings. In a statement, he said:

I cannot help but be reminded of the events in New York City on September 11, 2001. In the wake of the attacks of September 11, 2001, I viewed the people of London during the air attacks of World War II as a model for how to remain courageous and strong during times of great trouble.

Further, he noted that London, New York and Madrid are all "big, gigantic, open spaces. They have democracy and freedom of movement, just by that very nature the number of targets is endless."

Giuliani was Time's Person of the Year in 2001.