While the media devotes ink to whether Sarah Palin has a shot in 2012, we noticed something fun(ny): Rudy Giuliani has a JoinRudy2012.com website. There's not much there, aside from having visitors contribute, but it looks like our former mayor might be keeping his options open!

However, given the rumors that NY State Republicans may want him to run for Governor, RudyforGovernor.com and GiulianiforGovernor.com aren't available (but JoinRudy2010.com is). Still, NYers are split: One woman told Politicker NY, when she saw Giuliani's visage on election night, "Boo. Boo! He couldn't run for dog catcher," while one Queens woman, seeing Giuliani campaign for Serphin Maltese (who lost his State Senate seat), admitted “I wish you were running for president."