A compromise is being floated that would relocate quintessential Coney Island dive Ruby's Bar and Grill away from the boardwalk to Surf Avenue. Ruby's and seven other boardwalk establishments are being evicted by amusement giant Zamerpla USA, which is leasing the property from the city and operating Luna Park (on the site formerly occupied by Astroland). A spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg has told the Post that the city is considering an idea put forth by Coney Island activist Dick Zigun that would evict the long-standing furniture sellers on Surf Avenue to make way for some of the evicted businesses.

"These furniture stores have been here illegally for years, and Coney Island would be better served by bars, arcades and other entertainment," Zigun tells the tabloid. None of the furniture store owners would comment, but Zigun says the zoning for the area does not permit such businesses. (Here's the petition to save Ruby's.)

But the idea of Ruby's—which has been operating on the boardwalk since 1934—moving to a new location without the ocean views and the lively boardwalk scene seems like a terrible compromise. Here's another idea: Maybe the newcomer Zamperla can take over the furniture sellers' property and build their fantasy year-round megacomplex there? As Anthony Berlingieri, owner of Shoot the Freak Beer Island puts it, "Why should we have to leave? We were here when no one came to Coney Island, and now we are being forced out so that Zamperla can bring in the same types of businesses we run?"

Yesterday the business owners met with Senator Carl Kruger (D-Brooklyn), who vowed to help find a compromise. Amusing the Zillion reports that Kruger told the owners, "Coney Island should be evolution not revolution." And Ruby's owner announced on the Coney Island Message Board that the bar filed an Order to Show Cause in court on Monday, to show why Ruby's should remain on boardwalk: "That does not mean a judge will rule today - this is also the day Zamperla can file an Order to Show Cause of why we should be gone. Our rent has been paid so the court proceedings could take months. Depending on weather and how today goes Ruby's may be open this weekend."