A middle-aged Manhattan real estate executive, missing since the boat he and others were rowing crashed into a motorboat yesterday morning, is presumed to be dead. Jim Runsdorf and three friends, Edwin Joyce, Vincent Houston, and Jeff Ludwall, reguarly rowed around the upper tip of Manhattan. The NYPD hasn't pressed any charges against the driver of the boat, as the accident seems to have been an issue of visibility; his boat had the "required navigational lights," if not extra ones, and the driver passed a Breathalyzer test. Runsdorf had been sitting in the bow, and it's believed he drowned as he helped Joyce.

The NY Times described the dangerous relationship between rowers and boats in the waters:

The incident underscored the sometimes tense relationship between boaters with very different missions on a waterway that has become increasingly congested in recent years. Circle Line tour boats and tugboats lumber past the boathouse, as do cabin cruisers and, in the darkness before dawn, needle-like shells like the one the oarsmen were so carefully maneuvering.

Other people associated with the Peter Sharp Boathouse, part of the NY Restoration Project, said motorboats simply go to fast.

Updated: The NY Rowing Association is looking for volunteers to help search for Runsdorf tomorrow morning.