My Bush Smells; Photo: Chris Glenn

Some photos that readers have updated us with from yesterday's protest.
- Nick alerted us to his gallery of yesterday's march, which includes this shot of the police hauling someone away.
- Corie has some shots of the post parade protesters in Central Park.
- Brooklyn Vegan has plenty of photos including one of showgirls against bush.
- hits us with several great shots including the one of the smelly bush above (which Meccapixel has in detail) and mimes marching then lying down in the street.
- Neil has a protest gallery which has a poster of "Scream" and Fox News. Probably not the stolen one.
- Diego has a gallery of pictures from yesterday and some camera phone shots of a protest today around Chelsea.
- Whatever-Whenever captured Ronald McDonald in the protests yesterday.
- Ben and Sean frantically capture as much of the protest as they can, including a precious picture of a woman stroking her weapon of mass destruction.
- Pete has several images from Union Square in his gallery.
- Grumpy Monk captures some grumpy vets arguing with some protesters yesterday.
- Katie captures some shots around Times Square and has a take on "Riot Grrrl".
- Snaplog joins everyone else in the protest and takes a picture of sanity.
- DirtDirt has several photos, including one of the garbage left behind, and pleny of commentary.
- A photo captured by Kevin Reed asks, "Who wants cake?" We here at Gothamist always want cake.
- The gallery at MTude has several photos including something Gothamist witnessed - the bike barrier.
- Keith over at Overshadowed has a picture of a blue wall and a resilient GW that can roll with the punches.

Like Red pointed out, there were lots of people with cameras, so if you've got them up somewhere, let us know - we're seeing if we can do photoblog roundups each day of the convention.