Yesterday, the Mayor's Cup New York City Kayak Championships were called off when a few participants "were pulled by the current into the path of a hulking barge" near Battery Park. Apparently the strong winds and currents made things difficult--a witness told the News,"The current was pretty strong. It just pushed them under the barge. One of the men got himself out of the water [and onto the barge] and used a rope to rescue the others. You could tellthey were struggling to get out."

Kayakers race 26.7 miles around Manhattan, but the race was stopped about an hour in. According to Surf Ski, "When kayakers started capsizing, the Coast Guard made the call to abandon the event." The NY Times reported, "Other racers became so fatigued by the strong currents farther north in the Hudson River that they had to be helped out of the water." Luckily, there was no serious injuries to the participants--just their kayaks.

Surf Ski also has various videos of the event--it looked really rough!