We know there are two sides to every story, but when one side is an 80-year-old woman with bloodied claw marks on her face, it's hard to be sympathetic to the other. Yuk Ho Chan was taking an early morning walk through Prospect Park yesterday when she was attacked by two Rottweilers, whose owner had them on leashes but was unable to control them. "I was just walking on the sidewalk [inside the park], and two dogs ran after me. They attacked me on the hands and face," she told The Post after she was released from Methodist Hospital. "They were clawing at my face...He [the owner] couldn't control the dogs. They were mean-looking and they were furious."

The Health Department will reportedly determine the fate of the dogs, and the owner was issued two summonses, one for failing to have a city Health Department-issued license and the other for failure to control a dog. Yuk said, "It wasn't the man's fault. It was the dogs," but other dog owners say the owner shouldn't be off the hook. One dog owner said, "It all depends on the owner. You have to raise [the dogs] correctly. If the owner is aggressive, the dog will be aggressive."

Rottweilers were the second most vicious breed in the city last year, based on how many bites were reported (the most vicious was the Pit Bull). In related news, Senator Ruben Diaz has introduced a bill that would require all dog owners to take a class in dog whispering, so they can better understand the canine mind. It's unclear if that would stop such attacks, but maybe we could also get a deeper understanding of Cesar Millan.