The trees have turned on us, and now citizens of New York are taking these leafy menaces out with their own hands, sort of (and no, not this way). One Greenpoint man found that calling 311 and 911 about his rotting tree problem got him nowhere, so he alerted NY1 as a last resort.

He explained to the station, “Several months ago, one branch fell down, and last week [another] branch just fell down. And you can see at the top, where it connects to the tree, that it looks pretty rotten inside. You never know when this is going to fall.” (Especially worrisome when just last month a 6-month old baby was killed by a falling tree limb in Central Park.)

According to NY1, the man complained about the tree for two years, but it wasn't until media attention was brought to the problem that the Parks Department sent a specialist over, who determined it was infested and chopped it down. Let's just hope a healthy tree is put in its place lest the city become even more barren of greenery.