rosemorat.jpg101-year-old mugging victim Rose Morat wasn't intimidated by the thug who attacked her in her building last month, so she certainly wasn't going to be intimidated by a gang of press photographers and Mayor Bloomberg. Friday afternoon, the centenarian along with 85-year-old Solange Elizee met with the mayor to discuss what was being done to combat crime against the elderly. By turns Morat was a grandmotherly confidante with the Mayor: ""What’s your next step? Whisper it to me. I’ll tell you if I approve;" a stern schoolteacher, referring to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who was sitting across the table from her: "Ask the police commissioner whether he is listening so we are all on the same page;" but always a lady, instructing the hovering cameramen and photographers: "You better take a good picture of me." If the police ever catch the man who beat and robbed Morat and Elizee, we are sure that he will rue the day he tangled with New York's toughest 101-year-old woman.