Roosevelt Islander has been eagerly awaiting the return of the Roosevelt Island tram since, well, it seems like forever (but it's only been out of service since March for a tram modernization project), and now, with tram cars being tested for journeys over the East River, is sharing photographs of trams from nearly every conceivable angle. (Tram p0rn?) Originally, the tram was supposed to be up and running by September, but various delays—like a lack of crane permits—have pushed the reopening past that.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Cooperation says on the project website, "When modernization work is completed in the Fall of 2010, everything but the bases of the three towers will have been replaced. The tower tops will be swapped for new tracks that accommodate a wider gauge cable and 'dual haul' system. The 'dual haul' is a more advanced cable-propelled transit system that enables faster service and less turbulence in high winds."