2006_04_trammini.jpgEver since last week's many hour stoppage, Roosevelt Island tram officials have been trying to fix the machines. Only to find out that it's still not working, with the tram stalling twice during test runs. Con Ed emphasized that they had nothing to do with the stoppage - there were no power loads or surges found - and RI officials aren't sure when the investigation will be completed. Roosevelt Island residents are upset, saying that the tram is important for their daily lives because the F train gets too crowded (on the news, one person said that they have to wait for three or four trains before they can get on). But really, they are thinking, "Damn, the transit union still doesn't have a contract - if there's another strike and the tram is out of service, are we going to have to build rafts?"

Gothamist on the Roosevelt Island tram. And the NY Times notes that former Mayor David Dinkins testified to the importance of the tram - he plays tennis on Roosevelt Island!

Photograph of tram carrying many people during the transit strike from Dan Dickinson on Flickr