A bunch of people have written in to ask if the Roosevelt Island Tram is running. The answer is yes-- it is not operated by the MTA (it's run by JWP and overseen by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation.) Some tram info:

Each cabin accommodates a capacity of 125 people, makes approximately 115 trips per day, and about 100 on weekends. It glides at approximately 16 miles per hour and travels 3,100 feet. At its peak it climbs to 250 feet above the East River. Two cabins make the run every fifteen minutes from 6:00am to 2:30am (3:30am on weekends) and continuously during rush hours.

With the F Train to Roosevelt Island not working, you can bet that every tram car is filled to the full capacity of 125 people. Dan caught the picture above at 8:49am this morning, and they looked packed in like sardines! And now that we think about it, the tram gives us an idea for another hack: if you live in western Astoria, just walk over the RI bridge, grab the tram to midtown-- definitely quicker than walking down to the 59th Street Bridge.