Those poor residents of Roosevelt Island. The Roosevelt Island Tram, which was stuck for half a day with 68 people in two cars, has been out of service for almost a month while various agencies investigated the problems. For a while, the tram wouldn't move, but recently tram has been working on 400 test runs, thanks to a new electrical power source. But the tram still needs to be inspected by the Department of Labor (plus finish working on its backup power plans) before it can start running again with people in them.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation is having a board meeting on Thursday to discuss the state of the tram; according to the NY Times interview with a RIOC spokesman, the "subject of ferry service, as well as other alternative transportation" may very well come up. Gothamist wonders if people will be nervous to take the tram again - then again, a crowded F train is enough to make anyone search for even dangerous other modes of transport. Maybe commuters should pack PowerBars and those go-anywhere toilet packs.

Photograph of the Roosevelt Island Tram from Ixtayul on Flickr