Just in time for the school year, the Roosevelt Island Tram is up and running again! It's been two and a half months since the tram stalled over for half a day with 68 people in two cars, and tram officials have said they have tested, re-tested, and tri-tested the cars, but still, more work would be done. WNBC reports Roosevelt Island Operation Cooperation president Herb Berman as saying "that in 2008, the entire system would be shut down for several months for a $15 million renovation that may include new cable cars." Maybe actual toilets, versus buckets with privacy curtains.

Today's tram passengers that WNBC and NY1 interviewed seemed to be very happy it was back - one even said, "Wonderful. It’s more safer and more secure than the subway. It feels safer here than the subway."

Photograph of the Roosevelt Island tram running by Paul Hawthorne/AP