2007_03_tramri.jpgLiving on Roosevelt Island may afford you gorgeous views and short commute to Manhattan, but residents really would like more ways out. The Sun reports residents want to build a staircase and elevator to the Queensboro Bridge in case of an emergency. An emergency like evil, goopy water?

The president of the Roosevelt Island Residents Association Matthew Katz says, "You can't get off Roosevelt Island fast enough right now. We need to find alternative ways to get people on and off the island." The current options are not ideal: The F is crowded, the lift bridge "often gets stuck," the bus is slow, and the tram...well, we know about the tram.

While City Coucilwoman Jessica Lappin thinks it's a good idea ("seems like a reasonable, low-cost way to provide that access"), the Department of Transportation rejected it because putting in an elevator would require giving up a lane on the bridge. And without an elevator, a stairway would be inaccessible to the disabled. Still, the Community Board is going to talk about it.

What do you think would be good ways for Roosevelt Island residents to get off the island? How about a fleet of sturdy rafts... though there may not be enough for the population increase (the RIRA expects the population to increase from 12,000 to 20,000 in the next couple years.)

Photograph by wallyg on Flickr