Apparently when it comes to house-hunters in the city, a neighboring cemetery is the new must-have. After all, it assures you unobstructed views along with a modicum of peace and quiet! As long as the dead don't rise back up, that is. And having grown up in Manhattan next door to a cemetery, we totally understand the appeal. But let's be clear: this isn't actually a new trend at all.

Way back in the 1970s, this Gothamister's father bought a home in the East Village for a song from a woman who had actually found the building by specifically searching for listings near cemeteries (and went on to do it again). Her logic was pretty much the same as apartment hunters looking in these much pricier times: Live next to a cemetery and you never have to worry about a giant building going up and blocking your light. And having a field of something pretty to look at helps too!

Still, cemeteries do come with baggage that a lot of people have trouble dealing with. Namely: dead people. But with that baggage being dead and all, you get over it quick. Trust us—especially if you grow up not knowing it might be considered creepy. And apparently lots of people have: "The taboo is gone," a realtor recently told CBS 2. But only so much! Anyway, all those dead people can still help bring down prices. Both for buyers and renters. So maybe the next time you are looking for a "2BR/2BA" you might be smart to also add to your application, "Braaaaaaaaiiiiinnnnnzzzzzzzz Preferred."