Yesterday at 5 p.m., an on-duty police officer was shot at Empire Boulevard and Utica Avenue in Brooklyn. Police officer James Li is recovering from gunshot wounds to his groin, leg and thigh, and it turns out that he and his partner were chasing two men who had boarded a B46 without paying.

According to the NYPD, Li and police officer Randy Show spotted two males entering the bus' rear door. The cops entered the bus and pulled the two fare-beaters off. One of the suspects then fled west on Empire Boulevard. The police say, "A short chase ensued and the suspect then turned around from a distance of approximately 10 feet and fired at the offices striking PO Li. PO Li and PO Chow both returned gunfire."

As Good Samaritans—off-duty EMTs Khadija Hall and Shaun Alexander—helped with Li's injuries (he collapsed in the parking lot of a White Castle), they also told responding officers where the suspect fled. Rashaun Robinson, 28, was caught on the fifth-floor of 455 Schenectady Avenue by sergeant Alfred Kelley and police officer Robert Schmidt, who reportedly found a 45 caliber Smith and Wesson on Robinson in his waistband.

Robinson apparently has "six city arrests on his record and a drug warrant from Pennsylvania," according to the Daily News.

Police Commissioner Bratton said, "This was just a great piece of police work on the part of the initiating officers, as well as the pursuing officers and the apprehension of this suspect with a loaded firearm who showed no compunction whatsoever about turning and firing three times at the officers. So a dangerous felon now off the street, another firearm off the street, all as a result of very good police work by two rookie police officers who I’m pleased to have as members of the New York City Police Department."

Li, 26, who along with Chow were in the most recent NYPD graduating class, is in stable condition. Mayor de Blasio visited him in the hospital and said, "They've only been on the job for a few months, and they responded like seasoned veterans, and it's something we as New Yorkers can be very proud of."