According to a report by investigative journalist Wayne Barrett, Mitt Romney has accepted around $1.5 million in campaign contributions that stem directly or indirectly from two men who were involved in the graft that plagued the International Olympic Committee before Romney was charged with cleaning it up. But this being an arms race made entirely out of sweet, sweet "speech," who doesn't have connections to less-than-savory donors?

Besides Romney's assurance that he'd deny gays of their civil rights if he became president, the most alarming piece of news about the candidate this weekend was actually that his foreign policy advisors basically have no idea where he's coming from.

Take his critique of the Obama administration's attempts to negotiate with the Taliban: "We should not negotiate with the Taliban, We should defeat the Taliban. We go anywhere they are and we kill them." This was strange because most of the people Romney is paying for advice on foreign policy disagreed. “None of us could quite figure out what he was advocating,” one of them told the Times.

“It begged the obvious question,” the adviser added. “Do we stay another decade? How many forces, and how long, does that take? Do we really want to go into the general election telling Americans that we should stay a few more years to eradicate the whole Taliban movement?”

Or maybe we should just offer to restructure the Taliban, trim their budget, then force them into bankruptcy and collect millions in consulting fees?