It's hard out there for a pig these days. The Post reports on a 300-pound pot-bellied pig named Romeo, a family pet in Queens' St. Albans section, who is turning into "a porky pariah" with his neighbors in our time of swine. Who does Romeo live next to—Joe Biden? No, not Amtrak Joke, but he does reside a few doors away from 83-year-old Mary McPherson, who says, "It shouldn't be here. I've never heard of pigs as pets, and with the flu, it worries me." Since swine flu is thought to be spread through close contact among pigs and Romeo is a Napoleon Solo, it is highly unlikely that he is a carrier of the virus. Eight year-old owner Jolisa Cummins adds, "I watched about [the flu] on TV, and I was worried he could get sick. But he's never been to Mexico." If the neighbors take their case to the city however, they could get Romeo banished—pot-bellied pigs are not allowed by the city as pets. Jolisa's father had bought Rome as a gift to her mother Lisa, who grew up on a farm in Trinidad.