Police have released a surveillance camera image of a bank robber who held up a Bank of Smithtown on Seventh Avenue in Chelsea last Thursday morning, armed with nothing more than a bouquet of flowers. And they weren't even the treacherous clown flowers that spray water when you go in for a sniff!

Investigators tell the Daily News that the perp, who is described as a black man in his early 30s, about 5-feet-9, entered the bank bright and early before 9 a.m., carrying the posies in cellophane wrap. He then removed a note from inside the bouquet and handed it to the teller. It read, "Give me all your $100's, 50's! Don't be a hero!" The swooning teller complied, handing over at least $400 to the classy crook, who took the cash and left the flowers.

A dye pack inside the bills exploded after he left the store, but police say the man tossed it and fled with the money. The perp is still at large, and area bank tellers are advised to be on the lookout for men with flowers, boxes of chocolates, or giant stuffed animals. (As always, singing telegrams should be shot on sight.)