120108rebelbride.jpgIt comes as no surprise that model Cindy Guyer would bring the same stormy passion to her husband's fraud trail as she does to the covers of such indispensable romance novels as Tiger Dance and Desire's Song. So last week there was major drama when Guyer showed up at husband Andrew Catapano's trial (the construction honcho is charged with bribing union officials) and spotted his new girlfriend sitting in the front row.

Catapano is divorcing Guyer, and is currently seeing "aspiring photographer" Amilina Siekluska, the Daily News reports. After unsuccessfully attempting to confront her husband during a break, Guyer unloaded on her rival in a hallway outside the courtroom, calling her a tramp, waving her wedding ring in her face, and pulling her hair.

When informed of the ruckus by one of the lawyers, the judge instructed a marshal to sit next to Guyer in the courtroom. But Guyer seems to think that's an overreaction, telling the News, "I tapped her on the shoulder and called her a home wrecker. Even if I did tug [her hair] a little, what's the big deal? She's probably cavorting in my house [in Southampton] now."