rollsroyce.jpgPort Authority police arrested a man and impounded his Rolls Royce after he allegedly offered an undercover cop a ride from Kennedy International Airport for $70. Police told the New York Post that Mark Henig approached an undercover officer at Kennedy and asked "Do you need a ride? I have a Rolls-Royce." After Henig led the officer to a parking lot where the Rolls Royce was waiting, the cop arrested him for operating an unlicensed for-hire vehicle and Henig was charged with unlawful solicitation of ground transportation, which carries a possible fine of $1,000.

Henig is calling foul, saying "That fat pig trapped me. I was at the airport to pick up my cousin, and I had an extra hour to spare." The Post reports that Henig runs a limousine business, but the Rolls Royce is unregistered as a for-hire vehicle and its owner is unlicensed by the Taxi and Limousine Commission. The established and lawful fare for a ride from Kennedy International is a flat $45 plus any tolls. An upgrade from a standard cab to a Rolls Royce for an extra $25 sounds like a pretty good deal to us.